Ethical. Sustainable. What's it really about?

Sustainability. Whether you’re new to sustainable fashion or you have been shopping ethically for years, this word (along with several other buzz words) can be confusing. We realize that the ideas behind ethical & sustainable fashion can be complicated and difficult to understand. So, we are here to break it down.

Envisioning yourself shopping in a world where everything you buy is from a trusted and meaningful source, at times, can seem so out of reach. But the truth is that in the last 10 years or so, the fashion industry has come a long way. If you are ready for a basic understanding on how your shopping habits can affect people and the planet then we’re about to dive in!

First, let’s take the fashion out of it and simply talk “sustainability”.
Sustainability can be defined as: the ability to create balance through using, but not harming or depleting natural resources for years to come.
In a broad sense –sustainability means “to hold up” or “to give support to”.

At the rate in which we are going, are we able to benefit from the resources and all that our planet provides for generations to come? 

We have one planet Earth and it is important to acknowledge that what we do as a society directly effects it—from land, to water, to ecosystems at large. Fast-fashion and mass production have made clothing and accessories feel disposable. When you are able to buy a t-shirt for less than a cup a coffee, you have to wonder “how long can we sustain this at the rate in which we are going?”.

Now, what is sustainable fashion? Sustainable fashion is about creating and furthering an industry that produces more good and less harm. Environmental and socio-economic impact is taken into account throughout every stage of the production process—including design, production of raw materials, manufacturing, and consumption.

What is ethical fashion?

Ethical and sustainable fashion are often used interchangeably and the concepts tend to overlap. Ethical fashion places an emphasis on the integral and “morally right” thing to do. More specifically, it focuses on fair living wages, healthy working conditions and fair treatment of workers. Ethical fashion examines how its processes effect every living person and animal on the planet.

While the world of sustainability can be overwhelming, we hope to educate you (and ourselves) in an approachable way that is easy to digest. 

Using ethical and sustainable practices in your own life shows that you not only care about those around you, but you also find importance on setting focus towards the future. It’s about making sure everyone is treated fairly. It’s about making sure future generations are able to meet their needs.




February 16, 2021 — Rachel Garrett

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