Looking forward into 2021.


 It is safe to say a LOT has happened in 2020. But it wasn't all bad—some good things happened too. We are taking the time to reflect on all of the great things this year has brought us. Lessons, obstacles, new beginnings, and the closing of chapters. We successfully launched this idea into a business and we are forever grateful that you were a part of it.  


 We are excited for what is to come. The things we are looking forward to in 2021: we are just getting started. We will continue to bring you clothing that is in alignment with your values, that is accessibly priced, and most importantly; that is ethically-made. In the coming months we are excited to bring new brand highlights, artist collaborations, AND exclusive Edify pieces that will be made locally in Los Angeles. (This will be a whole new journey for us!). If there is something you would like to see more of or if you have any questions— we would love to hear from you. Feel free to drop us a line in the comments below!  

Every order placed, like/share on social media, and simple kind word has meant more than you know! This journey is only beginning.  

January 05, 2021 — Rachel Garrett

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