Two Tone Claw in Peach + Beige

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Simple & easy. The claw clip you will bring everywhere.. in peach & beige.

☁️ Comes as ONE claw clip
☁️ Color - Two tone in Peach + Beige
☁️ Made from Cellulose Acetate
☁️ 2" length, 1.5" width


✨ Meet the Brand - Nat + Noor

Based in Orem, UT. Nat is short for Natalia and Noor means light in Arabic. Nat + Noor is a jewelry and accessory brand that encompasses light. They are committed to being intentionally transparent about their processes and materials. The material used for their earrings is cellulose acetate, which is a non-petroleum base coming from wood pulp. This makes it a renewable resource. There are a few different materials used for their hair clips. Depending on the style, they use metal, cellulose acetate, plastic or acrylic material.

Nat + Noor is dedicated to being conscious of the whole process: the waste, the ethics, and everything that goes into making a product.