Bucket Hat

The bucket hat is the ultimate Summer staple. Our 100% cotton bucket hat comes in khaki, and is simply embroidered with the word "fair" to remind us that it IS possible for fashion to be fair on both people + the planet. We strive for this to be the norm.

☁️ 3.5" Crown, 2" Brim
☁️ 100% Cotton
☁️ 1% For the Planet


✨ Meet the Brand -  Edify

At Edify, it is our goal to empower the world to change the way clothing is being made and bought. We are an online store where you can find stylish and ethically made clothing all in one place and at an accessible price. It is a place for the conscious consumer that wants style—but not at the expense of someone or something else. 

In an industry that is overdue for change, it is time to lift each other up—to celebrate the artists, the makers, and all of the people in between who are doing what’s right. We are here to make fairness and transparency the norm. We are here to make a difference.