Climate Beneficial™ Wool Sponges

Once you've tried a wool sponge there is no going back. These sponges do not break down into microplastics like your average industrial sponge. The marriage of abrasive strength, gentleness, and biodegradability simply can not be matched.
These sponges were designed with dishes in mind, but feel free to use them where you need sponges. They are suitable for everything from exfoliating the skin to general household cleaning.

☁️ Sizing: 5" x 5"
☁️ Cleanse with soap & warm water after each use and lay flat in a dry spot
☁️ This description was written by Danu Organic


 ✨ Meet the Brand -  Danu Organic

It is Danu Organic's mission to "create clothing that is healthy for our bodies, the earth and everybody involved in the growing and making process of our garments."

Their clothing is unique in that it is made with heirloom plants. Danu focuses on every detail and ingredient within their clothing, to ensure the longevity of the garment, and a positive impact on the planet. The fibers and ingredients in the clothing are grown in New Mexico, spun & knit in North Carolina, and sewn in California; making the entire process from seed to sewer local here in the United States. They take responsibility for repurposing, proper composting, and disposal of their garments through a circularity program while also educating their customer on this process.