Rachel spent several years as a buyer in the fashion industry. Through this time, she found that there were some serious things that needed to change. The waste, the little to no transparency, and the effects of mass consumption all became impossible to ignore and she truly believed that customers should NOT have to compromise ethics for style.
“I was a buyer at a fast-fashion company and in order to hit certain prices, there was always something that needed to be sacrificed. Whether that meant quality, cheaper fabrics with more synthetics, ethics… the list goes on! I started to ask a LOT of questions and became obsessed with learning about ethical and sustainable fashion. I listened to podcasts, read books, and eventually I just couldn’t do it anymore. I knew there had to be a better way and this could no longer be the norm for the industry.”
It was in early 2020 (right before the pandemic) when the idea was born. Rachel was driving through the LA garment district thinking about the current landscape of “sustainable shopping”. As a customer herself she found it daunting to research companies, stay on top of new and emerging ethical brands, all while bouncing from tab to tab. She didn’t understand why there wasn’t a one-stop-shop with trusted brands that had ethics, style, and made shopping fun! She believed people truly do want to do good and that it was possible to change the consumer mindset, just like it was possible to change hers.
Fast forward to 2022, and Edify is exactly that— an online destination for ethical clothing and accessories. Ethics remain a cornerstone of Edify’s purpose. When sourcing brands and manufacturers, Rachel ensures that all workers are paid fair living wages. It is also important that the prices aren’t completely out of reach for the customer. “This is the thing that will remain my sole purpose and likely my biggest challenge… finding products that are ethically-made with sustainable materials at accessible prices. My hope is that in the future everyone will have access to ethical clothing, and in the meantime Edify will help to bridge that gap.”
“Knowing what I know now, there are days where I feel a sense of a guilt for not doing something sooner. But that is the beauty of being human… we are always learning. We should all feel empowered to ASK the questions, challenge the status quo, and then do something to make a difference!”