And Still She Rises Tee


She’s seen a lot. She’s walked through a lot. And still, she keeps rising. She no longer let storms tear her down. She evolves in them. She challenges them. She overcomes them. All with God’s help, of course. She is you. She is me. She is us.

☁️ Cream colored soft, comfy graphic tee
☁️ Sizing: Comes in S,M,L - Fits true to size

✨ Meet the Brand - Know Purpose

Brittany, the owner of Know Purpose started the company in Summer 2014 with a desire to share her story in hopes others would find freedom in their own, create and sell a tee, and give away some scholarships. 

Know Purpose gives multiple scholarships through their Made Perfect Scholarship Fund and Drew County Single Parent Scholarship Fund, and also feels passionate about how they can make a bigger difference in people's lives after they give. 

They are launching a Let’s Gather monthly event with a mission to give hand ups through education and exposure to information. They will provide insight, hands on training for specific skills that participants may not have been taught - such as basic budgeting, how to turn a passion into a business, as well as, give both emotionally and financially to meet needs of participants and lighten their load. These gatherings intend to render positive change in the community to provide educational and economical progress.