Vegan Leather Stroller Straps


Need a little break from carrying your diaper bag around? Designed to be compatible with any stroller, the YUUMA stroller straps make on-the-go errands easier! With premium vegan leather, the stroller straps wrap around your stroller perfectly with an anti-slip grip. The stroller straps also give you easy access to your bag and give you the perfect view to eye your YUUMA Original Diaper bag. She's a beauty!

☁️ Can be used as stroller straps, or key holder
☁️ Attaches to any clutch
☁️ Great car hook to hold essentials in your car
☁️ Ethically & responsibly made
☁️ Gold hardware

**Orders are fulfilled and shipped by Yuuma. Product description written by Yuuma.


✨ Meet the Brand - Yuuma

Yuuma is defined as "mother.. in a respectful tone" and is of Nigerian origin. "Yuuma" is a bold, unapologetic way of owning our role as mothers without letting go of our individuality. It is also believing in ourselves as women first. Yuuma was born with the desire to continue serving mothers.

Donnya Negera started Yuuma with the idea that there had to be a better diaper bag design that offered more freedom and space for mothers. Yuuma's vegan leather diaper bag not only looks sleek and stylish, but has loads of pockets and storage. All products are sustainably sourced and vegan friendly.