Woven Bucket Bag | Wave


The Nana will be what you reach for on days when you’re out and about from dawn to dusk. Made from agave fiber and dyed with plants, this bag has adjustable leather straps to be worn as a smaller, two-strap bag over the forearm or shoulder, or as a longer, one-strap crossbody bag. It’s easy to access with its cinching top and ready for anyone on the go.

☁️ Adjustable Movable Strap
☁️ Size: H 13" x L 11"
☁️ Full strap length: 44"
☁️ Strap length when doubled: 22"
☁️ Large enough to hold an iPad
☁️ No inner lining or pocket

**Orders are fulfilled and shipped by Made By Minga. Product description written by Made By Minga.

The Process

Every Minga bag has been ethically sourced for a mutually agreed upon, fairtrade price and provides work to our artisan partners, a collaborative group of 18 women living in a remote region of Ecuador. Learn more here.

Minga bags are handmade and one-of-a-kind. This means that no two are exactly alike and almost all contain irregularities from size to styles to color. Please allow for slight imperfections as this is what adds to the unique character of each bag.

Due to the leather's natural finish each hide will keep its distinctive features, such as veins and pores. Please allow the leather time to naturally wear and soften over time.


✨ Meet the Brand - Made By Minga

Minga is a small, woman-run accessories brand based in San Diego, CA. They aim to preserve heirloom practices and low-impact materials to ethically produce bags, hats, wallets and accessories that last.

In 2018, Minga partnered with a small group of women in the highlands of Ecuador to launch their first bag collection. Months were spent living with this community to understand their story and craft. This season birthed their vision to create beautiful products through sustainable and traditional means. Over the years, Minga has expanded to work with a women-ran family hat studio, as well as a small team of leathersmiths. Today, Minga is always seeking to grow authentically alongside our partners and customers, while staying true to the artisanal processes and roots we have grown from.